Picture of the art direction of the project iLab, about colors.

What was the project about

iLab is a project centered about children. The goal is to demonstrate that clients and users are not everytime adults, but various profiles.

Our project is an app designed for children aged of 5 years old of older. The goal is to let them experiment with color mix, by asking children to paint an animal made of geometric shapes. The app is made of 3 levels (easy, intermediate, advanced), with colors mixes starting from orange, to turquoise.

My role

For this project, I collaborated with Aude Schaff, Caroline Daoud, Angie Courtoy, Maxime Van Olffen & Steven Harris. My role was to do research about the product, and our users.

It was the first time I was working for children, so it was very challenging and interesting. I had to get in touch with children, and ask them what were they curious about. I also contacted teacher, to learn about what they were teaching to children of that age.

The feedback from a teachr in primary school about our project idea.

How I proceeded

I started off by contacting children and teachers. After that, I synthetized all the feedbacks in a clean layout.

I presented the feedbacks to the other members of the team, to discuss about their opinion and point of view.

The result

After 4 weeks of hard work, we finally released Colors. Caroline and Aude made an amazing work for the art direction of the app, putting their skills together to design the final version. (psssst, all the shots in this case-study have been made by Aude, go check her work here. )

We were a bit stressed until the end because we struggled with the drag and drop interaction, but Maxime nailed the development, searching again and again for new ways to implement this interaction, without giving up.

A mockup of our final project, with all the screens shown.

Success & failures

I am proud of what we accomplished in 4 weeks. It is always challenging to work in group with other people, because everybody has his own opinion and sensitivity, but I had a great time working with these people, and we had no problem to discuss.

One thing that could be improved, is maybe the drag & drop interaction, and the tutorial.I would also add a version of the application for children with vision trouble, to include them aswell.